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Introducing a new product in luxury sink design, available exclusively at SA Sinks. Our quartz kitchen sinks put design-led quality and high performance at the heart of your home; the centre of your kitchen.

With cutting edge engineering, our sinks bring the best to your home with guaranteed quality, while offering affordable pricing to suit your budget.

Versatile color options of Nera/black, Snova/white and Chroma/grey compliment any kitchen design, with a velvet look and feel and a finish that’s non-porous and enduring.

Quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, constitutes around 80% of the raw material used in these sinks. The Quartz is moulded with High Grade Acrylic Resin using a special computer-controlled Polymerization Casting Process in Special High-Grade Nickel Moulds. The resultant hardened, composite material is resistant to scratches, dents, stains, heat and cracks.


SOLO – Bowl

R 2,550.00 inc VAT

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DUO – Bowl

R4,550.00 inc VAT

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Apron A100 – Butler Sink

R 7,465 01 inc VAT

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Big Bowl

R3,645.02 inc VAT

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R3,110.84 inc VAT

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Waltz – No Faucet Deck

R5,184.73 inc VAT

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Tip Toe D200

R5,569.45 inc VAT

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R5,059.03 inc VAT

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R3,234.27 inc VAT

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Neo Salsa

R3,167.11 inc VAT

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R 4,972.60 inc VAT

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All Sinks Are Available In The Following Colours

Why Choose A Quartz Sink




Stain and Dirt Resistant


Heat Resistant


Range of Colours


Scratch And Dent Resistant


Easy To Clean


Certified Quality

Stone Bathroom Basins

Modicum Basin

R 1,650.00 inc VAT

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Murus Basin

R5,350.00 inc VAT

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Circum Basin

R2,500.00 inc VAT

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Drying Channels

Drying Channel

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Drying Channel D1000

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Prime Bowl Colander

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Sink Strainer and Washer

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Surface Cleaner

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Sink Protector

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Chopping Board

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